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Dior eyeglasses

There are 322 products

DIOR - MONTAIGNE 47-581145
  • -€140.00
€110.00 €250.00

Sold by Mes produits (Individual)

Dior - CD3237
  • -€150.00
€50.00 €200.00

Sold by HeleneR (Individual)

Dior - CD3124

Sold by Boutique de Tony (Individual)


Sold by tweety (Individual)

Christian DIOR - les marquises
  • -€110.00
€80.00 €190.00

Sold by Pas (Individual)

Dior - Montaigne18
  • -€240.00
€110.00 €350.00

Sold by Lunettes (Individual)

Dior - CD3194

Sold by LuluK du Gard Lunettes (Individual)

Dior - CD3213

Sold by Mes Lunettes en ligne (Individual)

Dior - Lady Dior 02
  • -€90.00
€100.00 €190.00

Sold by Cocci (Individual)

Dior - CD3202 - XXE 135
  • -€165.00
€35.00 €200.00

Sold by Luciole (Individual)


Sold by La boutique de Dom (Individual)

Christian DIOR - 08086130

Sold by Rien que pour vos yeux (Individual)

Dior - numéro 17
  • -€154.00
€45.00 €199.00

Sold by Optic’Flo (Individual)

Dior - CD O B21
  • -€110.00
€250.00 €360.00

Sold by freslon (Individual)

DIOR - 35G145

Sold by Ma boutique (Individual)

Dior - CD3284
  • -€172.00
€60.00 €232.00

Sold by Iza (Individual)

DIOR - 3284
  • -€169.00
€80.00 €249.00

Sold by Les lunettes de Manon (Individual)

  • -€150.00
€100.00 €250.00

Sold by Lunoc (Individual)

  • -€140.00
€60.00 €200.00

Sold by Lunoc (Individual)

  • -€335.00
€65.00 €400.00

Sold by Hugh (Individual)

DIOR -CD3206 R90
  • -€170.00
€80.00 €250.00

Sold by LAURE (Individual)

Dior - cd2225
  • -€199.00
€60.00 €259.00

Sold by Lunettes Vintage (Individual)

DIOR - CD3709

Sold by PARTICULIER (Individual)

DIOR - CD3235
  • -€260.00
€40.00 €300.00

Sold by Mes belles lunettes (Individual)

Dior CD3147

Sold by Kmc (Individual)

  • -€140.00
€35.00 €175.00

Sold by Ma boutique à la campagne (Individual)

Dior - DiorStellaireO9
  • -€141.00
€189.00 €330.00

Sold by Beautiful glasses (Individual)

Dior - LadyDiorO1
  • -€71.00
€179.00 €250.00

Sold by Beautiful glasses (Individual)

Dior - Montaigne 47
  • -€255.00
€60.00 €315.00

Sold by Camille (Individual)

DIOR - CD3242
  • -€125.00
€40.00 €165.00

Sold by Ma super boutique (Individual)

Discover our exclusive selection of second-hand Dior glasses on Seecly, the go-to marketplace for finding the best second-hand glasses deals. If you're looking for refined, luxurious, and timeless frames, you're in the right place. Christian Dior, the famous French couture house founded in 1946, is synonymous with style, elegance, and sophistication. Dior glasses are renowned for their unique design, superior quality, and exceptional comfort. These high-end fashion accessories are a true symbol of elegance.

Our collection of second-hand Dior glasses offers a wide range of styles and colours to meet all expectations and preferences. Whether you're looking for sunglasses to protect you stylishly on sunny days or glasses to enhance your look, you'll find the perfect pair here.

Dior glasses are designed to be both functional and aesthetic. Each pair is made with premium materials, such as acetate, metal, or titanium, ensuring durability and lightness. The lenses are equipped with specific treatments for optimal protection against UV rays and clear vision.

At Seecly, you can be sure to find second-hand Dior glasses in perfect condition. Our team of experts meticulously examines each pair before offering them for sale to guarantee a quality product and to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises. In addition, the prices offered by our sellers will allow you to acquire second-hand Dior glasses at an affordable cost.

Browse our selection of second-hand Dior glasses and discover models with varied shapes, such as aviators, butterflies, round, or rectangular. The colours and patterns are also diversified, ranging from classic black, tortoiseshell, and gold to the boldest prints and metallic finishes.

By choosing to buy your Dior glasses on Seecly, you are adopting a more responsible and ecological approach to buying habits. Buying second-hand products gives old items a new (and happy!) life, while reducing waste and limiting environmental impact.

Find your pair of second-hand Dior glasses today on Seecly. Treat yourself to high-end glasses at low prices and sport a sophisticated and trendy look in all circumstances.