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Men eyeglasses

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Ralph Lauren - Polo2058
  • -€55.00
  • New
€65.00 €120.00

Sold by Lulylis (Individual)

Julius - JUL19
  • -€120.00
  • New
€30.00 €150.00

Sold by Mes lunettes (Individual)

  • -€217.00
  • New
€118.00 €335.00

Sold by Monceau (Individual)

Claire Goldsmith - CARTERS...
  • -€174.00
  • New

Sold by Johnnyflyer (Individual)

  • -€300.00
  • New
€75.00 €375.00

Sold by Johnnyflyer (Individual)

Christian DIOR - Blacktie242
  • -€400.00
  • New
€150.00 €550.00

Sold by La boutique d'Enrique (Individual)

Marc jacobs
  • New

Sold by Mes lunettes (Individual)

Krys - YK019

Sold by Katy (Individual)

Rip Curl - EOU001

Sold by Katy (Individual)

Ray-Ban - RB8901
  • -€123.00
€49.00 €172.00

Sold by Boutique de Jo (Individual)

Hugo Boss - BO076/F

Sold by Ma boutique (Individual)

Level - LE2063 U03
  • -€100.00
€40.00 €140.00

Sold by MY EYES (Individual)

Active - ACH28 C01
  • -€85.00
€75.00 €160.00

Sold by La boutique de Nini (Individual)

  • -€110.00
€40.00 €150.00

Sold by jmb boutique (Individual)

BMW - B6013
  • -€140.00
€40.00 €180.00

Sold by jmb boutique (Individual)

Active - ACHM12 BO
  • -€95.00
€65.00 €160.00

Sold by La boutique de Nini (Individual)

Giorgio Armani - AR5120...
  • -€155.00

Sold by Cristobal92 (Individual)

  • -€80.00
€40.00 €120.00

Sold by jmb boutique (Individual)

Vinyl Factory - DOHERTY C1
  • -€109.00
€80.00 €189.00

Sold by Lunette des champs philippe (Individual)

Ray-ban - RB6182
  • -€100.00
€60.00 €160.00

Sold by Gaëtan (Individual)

Dolce & Gabbana - DG5004
  • -€100.00
€50.00 €150.00

Sold by Quelques paires (Individual)

Lattitude  47 - ALAZ1352M
  • -€120.00
€40.00 €160.00

Sold by Ma boutique à lunettes (Individual)

CARTIER - CT00920 002
  • -€201.00
€549.00 €750.00

Sold by Yanael Boutique (Individual)

leclerc optique - MCAR1804CA

Sold by JESAPPELSEB (Individual)

Lacoste - L2244

Sold by Binocle (Individual)

Vinyl factory

Sold by Célia (Individual)

OAKLEY - OX8092-0255
  • -€65.00
€70.00 €135.00

Sold by Dawe boutique (Individual)

OAKLEY - OX 1093-0155
  • -€66.00
€70.00 €136.00

Sold by Dawe boutique (Individual)

Tommy hilfiger-Th1543
  • -€93.00
€50.00 €143.00

Sold by Black and red (Individual)

PERSOL - 3012V 95
  • -€90.00
€100.00 €190.00

Sold by Dawe boutique (Individual)

Welcome to the world of second-hand prescription glasses for men at Seecly, where quality vision meets style elegance. Make your choice from a wide range that offers both a quality visual experience and an affirmation of your look.

You will find a collection of refined and affordable frames, which not only improve your look, but also embody your personality.

Each pair of our second-hand prescription glasses for men is rigorously selected by our teams to ensure perfect vision and unparalleled comfort.

Our collection of affordable prescription glasses for men offers a variety of styles to meet all your requirements. Are you looking for the ideal pair of prescription glasses to enhance your look and complete your style? On Seecly, you will find the most comprehensive catalog of frames for men, combining style, comfort, quality, and affordable prices.

Seecly is a constantly expanding choice thanks to our growing community for men looking for prescription glasses that combine modernity, personality, and quality. Our selection of masculine frames offers a wide variety of shapes, colours, and styles to offer you a distinctive look in any situation.

Among the frame shapes offered, you will find timeless classics such as square, round, or pilot frames, but also bolder shapes like aviator or wayfarer frames, which will bring a touch of modernity and sophistication to your look. Why not try several shapes to see which one best corresponds to the shape of your face and your style?

In terms of colours and materials, Seecly offers you a wide range of possibilities to customise your prescription glasses. Acetate, metal, or titanium frames guarantee optimal comfort and unparalleled resistance, while the colour palette allows you to express your personality. Black, tortoiseshell, or silver frames are safe bets, but why not dare frames in bright shades, transparent, or with original patterns for a unique and trendy look?

The prescription glasses for men at Seecly are not only aesthetic: they are also designed to offer you optimal visual comfort. Thanks to our quality lenses, adapted to your prescription, you can benefit from clear, precise vision while looking the part, too!

Seecly also offers you the opportunity to resell your prescription glasses for men. It's the perfect opportunity to give your old glasses a new life, while earning some money and promoting a more sustainable environment. Seecly is the perfect destination for men looking for trendy and comfortable prescription glasses. Check out our selection and find the pair that will highlight your look and your personality. Discover our selection today and find your next must-have pair of prescription glasses.