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We have a cheaper, more natural alternative. Knowing what face shape you have and choosing the right glasses for your proportions will completely change your look. We’re here to help with that!

Do you know your face shape?

Top tip: if you have long hair, tie it up first! 

Do you have an

oval face?

You lucky things!

Just like Kim K and JB, you can get away with wearing any style of frames. Let your personality and style shine through and pick something fun or new from the latest trends in glasses. One thing to remember is that embellished frames will make your face look wider if that’s the desired effect.

Do you have an

inverted triangle face?

You’re pretty enough to eat.

It’s all about balancing out the top and bottom half of your face. Choose a frame that will accentuate the upper half to compensate for your narrower chin. We recommend glasses with bold colours and decorative details on the upper portion of the frames and a more classic lower portion. Oval glasses with round frames around the top line are also an excellent choice.

Do you have a

round face?

So cute!

Go for something geometric, rectangular or angular. These frames provide contrast and work perfectly with the soft curves and full cheeks, whilst also helping to structure and shape your face.

Do you have a

square/rectangular face?

Having a square face is GREAT!

Want to soften your angular features? Go for butterfly, round or oval frames to draw attention away from your face’s angles. It’s best to opt for more lightweight materials and thinner frames.

Men with a square or rectangular face shape can choose to accentuate their jawline with angular and rectangular glasses.

Pour les Hommes surtout, on peut faire le choix d’accentuer au contraire la mâchoire avec des lunettes anguleuses, aux verres rectangulaires.


What about the colour of your new pair of glasses?

Depending on your hair and eye colour, here’s a table to give you some ideas of what could work for you 🙂






Pink, Brown, Tortoiseshell

Beige, Black, Green, Blue, Red,
Gold, Tortoiseshell, Pink, Purple

Green, Blue, Black,
Gold, Tortoiseshell, Brown

Black, Grey, White,
Brunette, Gold


Blue, Brown, Tortoiseshell

Beige, Black, Green,
Blue, Grey, Tortoiseshell

Green, Blue, Black,
Gold, Tortoiseshell, Grey

Red, Black, Grey,
White, Blue, Grey


Brown, Tortoiseshell,
Dark green, Gold

Beige, Black, Green,
Blue, Red, Gold, Grey

Green, Blue, Black,
Gold, Tortoiseshell

Red, Black, Grey,
White, Green


Brown, Tortoiseshell,
Green, Gold

Beige, Black, Green,
Red, Gold

Green, Blue, Black,
Gold, Tortoiseshell

Red, Black, Grey, White,
Tortoiseshell,  Gold, Green

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