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Discover all our advice and guides designed to assist you when you want to buy or maintain your favorite glasses.

Buying second-hand glasses is very easy! You first need to create your account or log in. Click on the desired frame, add corrective lenses if needed as well as your prescription then click on "Add to cart" then "Order" and let yourself be guided.

When placing an order, know that we only request a preauthorization. Thus, when an item is not available, you are not charged.

However, depending on your bank, the purchase may remain displayed in your pending operations for up to 7 days maximum.

It is possible to negotiate the price within reasonable limits, for that you will have to directly contact your seller by clicking on "Contact the seller" and make your price offer. If your offer is accepted, the seller will have to update the price of their item.

When you buy several frames, you will have to pay shipping fees equal to the number of frames ordered. Indeed, it is possible that the frames come from different sellers.

Seecly acts as a trusted third party between the buyer and the seller. In case of non-compliance, the sale is canceled by Seecly and you will automatically be refunded.

We invite you to use the messaging system to contact the seller of the relevant frame and ask for maximum details regarding characteristics such as size, color, possible defects, purchase invoice, as well as additional photos.

Sellers are required to regularly update their catalog however, oversights can happen. Thus, the seller has 72 hours to confirm the availability of their frame. In case of unavailability, your order is canceled and you will not be charged for your order. Feel free to contact the seller via the product sheet of the frame to verify its availability before placing an order.

We encourage you to communicate between buyers and sellers. For that, you can leave a message for the seller, directly via the ad by clicking on "Contact the seller".

If your equipment doesn't suit you, you can take advantage of Seecly's "Satisfied or your money back" guarantee. Simply send us a written request by e-mail to [email protected] and we'll send you the procedure to follow. Once the return has been received by the seller, we will initiate your refund. There are two main rules concerning returns, depending on the type of seller:

  • To return a frame sold by a professional seller, you have 14 days from receipt to send a request to [email protected], specifying your order number.
  • -To return a frame sold by a private individual, you have 48 hours from receipt to send your request to [email protected], specifying your order number. You are responsible for return shipping costs.

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At, you can shop with confidence. The information provided by the buyer during payment is securely encrypted and transmitted directly to the MangoPay secure banking server. Seecly never stores or has access to your banking details. The payment is debited only once the seller confirms the availability of the item (within 72 hours after the order). No amount will be charged in case the ordered item is unavailable. Your payment will be transferred to the seller only after you confirm the receipt of your item or 48 hours after receiving it.

Payment is possible with a credit card (via our secure payment platform MangoPay) or using your Seecly wallet, where you will have collected money from your sales.
It is also possible to make a partial payment by funding your Seecly Wallet if the collected amount is not sufficient to complete your purchase.

During payment, you pay for:
- The pair of glasses
- Delivery fees
- Workshop fees: Optician service

Currently, we do not offer payment in installments.

During the checkout process, you can choose to pay via your Seecly wallet, where you will have collected money from your sales.

This payment option will be available after adding your item to the cart in the "payment method" section.

It is also possible to make a partial payment by funding your Seecly Wallet if the collected amount is not sufficient to complete your purchase.

It is possible to make a partial payment by funding your Seecly Wallet via credit card if the collected amount is not sufficient to complete your purchase.

Be very cautious; this is likely a fraud attempt.

In fact, malicious users often use this technique to deceive buyers: they propose to settle the order in advance via wire transfer, PayPal, or even cash and never ship the goods.

They also know that if the transaction is conducted through Seecly, the fraud operation will not work as the funds are held with a bank until the package is delivered.

For a risk-free transaction, we recommend never proceeding with a transaction outside Seecly.

Great news! You have a promo code!
To use it, simply click on the "Promo Code" bar in the cart, enter the code, and click "Add."
The update will occur automatically.
Be aware that some promo codes can only be used once, exclusively with certain carriers, or for the first purchase only. Please check the terms and conditions of your promo codes, or the code will not be applied.


The shipping costs are automatically calculated in the shopping cart based on your delivery address.

We offer home delivery.
You will receive a tracking number that allows you to track the progress of your delivery.

All frames go through our workshop first to be refurbished.

For a frame without corrective lenses, the maximum time is 10 days.

For a frame with corrective lenses, the maximum time is 15 days.

For international delivery, the preparation time is the same, but the shipping time varies depending on the destination.

The delivery time also depends on the seller's dispatch speed and the courier's delivery time.

You can find your tracking number in the "My Account" section > "My Orders" by clicking on "Track my package".

If the tracking number is not provided there, refer to the number indicated in the carrier's email.

You will also receive an email from the carrier with your tracking number.

Seecly does not offer in-person pickup as we refurbish and prepare the glasses for viewing if requested.
However, all correspondence transactions are secure.

Seecly allows delivery worldwide.

We can also deliver to all the countries, but customs fees and other taxes will be the responsibility of the buyer:
- European countries (Switzerland, England)
- Non-European countries (Canada, USA)

Your frame seems to be taking longer than expected to reach you.
First, have you checked the location of your package? You can do this by going to the relevant order and accessing the tracking information.
If the tracking does not provide any location information for more than 48 hours, please contact us so that we can initiate the necessary steps with the carrier.

The order confirmation email is automatically sent after the order is placed. If you have not received it, please check your spam folder or ensure that you have entered your email address correctly. If you still haven't received it, please email us at [email protected].

In our Aix-en-Provence workshop, we receive the frame from the seller, give it a new shine for a second life, and make it available for viewing if necessary. Then, the pair is shipped to the buyer.

Customer Service


When you want to remove light fingerprints or dust, you can clean your lenses using a small cloth like the one provided in your case and a special glasses cleaning spray.
For more stubborn marks, nothing beats cold or lukewarm water (not hot!) and a little soap. This will remove all greasy marks.


It is important to regularly clean your frame with a dry cloth to remove dust, cream residue, makeup, etc. These things, when accumulated, can quickly accelerate the wear and tear of your frame.
As the temples are opened and closed, they may loosen, and that's normal. Simply tighten the screw regularly with a small screwdriver to keep your temples firm as they were on the first day.

We invite you to read our article to learn more.
If despite this article, you have not found an answer to your question, please contact us at the following address: [email protected].

The glasses purchased on Seecly are guaranteed against breakage for 3 months from the date of receipt upon a simple request sent to [email protected]. The glasses must be returned to our workshop within this period.

We will repair your frame or lenses if possible. If not, a full refund or a credit will be issued in the form of a promo code equal to the value of the frame and/or lenses.

Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

We invite you to read our article to learn more.
Contact our customer service at the following address [email protected] specifying your order number and providing details about your problem. Our team of qualified opticians will get in touch with you to assess what may have happened and conduct necessary checks. Don't worry, we will always find a solution!

Seecly offers a Satisfied or Money Back guarantee within 48 hours (14 days for pro sellers) of the date of receipt, on simple request sent to [email protected].

The glasses must be returned to our Atelier within this period, in the same condition as when ordered.

Return shipping costs are at the customer's expense. The refund will be made directly to your bank account.

If we made a mistake, the return shipping costs are, of course, covered by us, and we will provide you with a return label as soon as possible. For other cases, the return shipping costs are your responsibility.

Contact our customer service by email at [email protected] and specify the defect in question. We will replace your lenses and/or frame as soon as possible, and the shipping costs will be covered by us. Please note: sending us a photo will help us assess the problem more easily and quickly.

Adaptation to Vision

What is pupillary distance (PD)? It is the distance in millimeters between the centers of your pupils and the midpoint of your face. If there is no mention of PD on your prescription from your ophthalmologist or no indication of your PD provided by you on the prescription, we will apply a standard pupillary distance. It is your responsibility to ensure that all necessary information has been accurately provided to us.

We can handle all corrections within these ranges: Sphere: +/- 4.00, Cylinder: (+/-2.25). If your correction falls outside these values, we will not be able to accommodate it. For more significant corrections, additional measurements are required and can only be taken physically by an optician in-store.

Currently, we do not offer progressive lenses. This type of lens requires precise measurements specific to each pair, which can only be done in-store. It is your responsibility to indicate in the dedicated space whether you want distance vision or near vision.

Our corrective lenses are all CE certified. There is a quality control performed on each optical equipment leaving our workshop to ensure their compliance with the prescription established by your ophthalmologist. Our sun lenses are all 100% UV protection category 3. Our corrective lenses come from the renowned brand Shamir in the field of optics. The lenses are all manufactured in the European Union and some in France.
See our blog article: choosing my lenses

There are different ways to write a prescription, but the rules are simple and common.
First, we distinguish between the two eyes:
OD = Right Eye
OS = Left Eye

Then, one to three values are added per eye: sphere, cylinder, and axis.

Sphere = positive or negative number, never in parentheses. The term "Plan" means 0.
Cylinder = positive or negative number, always in parentheses.
Axis = number always accompanied by the degree symbol "°".
Plan = the sphere value is 0.

It is possible that only one or two values are written per eye, for example: "OD = +1.75".
This means that the other two values are equal to 0.
If it is written on the prescription: ODG = ....
It means that the correction for both eyes is symmetrical.

No, in France, only ophthalmologists and orthoptists are authorized to issue a prescription.

Reimbursement and Health Insurance

Inside your package, you will find a health insurance form and the corresponding invoice for your purchase in an envelope. To get reimbursed, you need to send this health insurance form, the invoice, AND a photocopy of your valid prescription to your health insurance provider. Only the lenses can be covered. See our blog article to learn more.

By placing an order on our website, you implicitly refuse the "100% Santé" offer proposed on the standardized estimate and accept the free offer of this estimate.

The validation and payment of your order is equivalent to the acceptance and digital signature of the "free offer" part of the new standardized estimate.

1 - Verify that the date written on the health insurance form corresponds to the billing date.

2 - In the section "PERSON RECEIVING CARE AND INSURED PERSON," fill in the information about the insured person: name, first name, date of birth, and registration number (Social Security number).

3 - In the "PRESCRIBER" section, fill in the information about your ophthalmologist: their identification number (a 9-digit identifier where the first 2 digits correspond to the department where they practice), their name, and the date of the prescription.

4 - Sign the health insurance form.

Only the lenses will be mentioned.

Social Security covers 0.06 euros for each pair of lenses every 2 years. The complementary part depends on your health insurance (refer to your health insurance table). The information is also available on your guarantee table. Only the lenses are taken into account.

Yes, you will have to pay in advance because we do not offer third-party payment.

You absolutely need a valid prescription to get reimbursed.
However, it is not mandatory to have a prescription to order prescription glasses from us. The prescription is only required to obtain reimbursement from Social Security or health insurance. The validity of a prescription is 5 years between the ages of 16-42, and beyond that, the validity of the prescription is 3 years. Except for any contraindication stated on the prescription.

Yes, as long as the mention "tinted lenses" is clearly stated on your prescription.