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A lasting alliance: ecology at the service of the economy

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The number you see here was the starting point of this business adventure, as we are mindful of the environment and access to optical care for our customers. Together, we are building a more responsible future for the eyewear industry with a community eager to be part of societal issues that concern us all.




When we talk about eco-friendliness, it is important to understand what a truly eco-responsible model is. On average, nearly 22 million pairs of glasses and sunglasses are sold in France each year. This huge number can be explained by prescription renewals and by an increasing number of glasses wearers, partly due to our ultra-connected lifestyle to screens. So what do we do with our old glasses ? While some companies or brands offer recycling, it’s no lie that most of the time, our old glasses end up collecting dust in our homes.

Our second-hand concept fits into a circular economy scheme since it is based on this very simple principle.

The big fuzz of environmental impact


While we know today the environmental impact of many industries such as textiles or food products, there is no study on the composition of glasses and their environmental impact. The only certainty is that the production of glasses is mainly located in low-cost countries like China for example. This production is made from highly polluting materials: metal (stainless steel, titanium...) and cellulose acetate, a mixture of cotton or wood fibers with petrochemical solvents. So when you buy a second-hand pair of glasses rather than a new one, you know that no raw material harmful to the environment has been used.


We are 100% honest in admitting that, yes, freight transport (so our deliveries) has its share of carbon emissions. However, if you opt for a second-hand frame that you have delivered, the carbon footprint of your order will always be significantly lower than the simple purchase of a new pair of glasses. On our side, we work to reduce and offset these emissions to have a carbon balance as balanced as possible.

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Seecly: the commitment of an entire industry

The optical industry is lagging behind in environmental terms. But today, large groups and manufacturers are starting to mobilize. From the production of guaranteed Origine France glasses or those made from recycled materials, to companies promoting the glasses recycling, and so on, the transition is certainly under way !

At Seecly, we allow opticians and glasses manufacturers to meet the requirements of the AGEC Law, the anti-waste law for the circular economy, by offering them to make their unsold items available on Seecly and thereby engage in an approach of environmental & societal impact.


3 pillars of Seecly :


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Fashion & fun

At Seecly, we firmly believe that we can make fashion and pleasure purchase rhyme, and we have made it one of the pillars of our brand.

By offering a wide range of second-hand glasses for all tastes and desires, we allow everyone to express their personality while making an eco-responsible gesture.

The "fashion & fun" aspect of Seecly is reflected through a selection of frames carefully chosen by our team of opticians, to guarantee both impeccable optical quality and a style at the cutting edge of trends. We are convinced that everyone deserves to feel good in their glasses, which is why we make a point of offering as varied models as possible, ranging from timeless classics to the most bold designs.

Playing with fashion also means playing with codes and daring unexpected mixes. So, why not combine a pair of vintage glasses with a modern outfit to create a unique and personal look? Or choose a colorful frame to bring a touch of originality to your style?

Seecly is above all the union of fashion, optical quality, and the environment in a social and responsible approach.

So, don't wait any longer and come discover our selection of second-hand glasses to express your style with panache, while preserving our beautiful planet. By choosing Seecly, you are part of a community that shares the same values and the same love for fashion and fun.

Together, we can reinvent the way we consume glasses, by adopting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. And remember, we See(cly) you!


As a platform dedicated to buying and reselling second-hand glasses, we place environmental and social responsibility at the heart of our values. We have made this commitment an essential pillar of our brand because we are convinced that fashion and optics can rhyme with durability and respect for our planet.

Our responsible approach is expressed through several concrete actions :

First of all, by offering second-hand glasses, we help reduce waste and preserve natural resources. Each pair of glasses bought or sold on Seecly thus extends the lifespan of these precious objects, while offering everyone a second chance to access quality optical care at an affordable price.

In addition, our certified opticians, based in Aix-en-Provence in the South of France, refurbish and rejuvenate each pair of glasses before they go on sale on the platform. This step not only guarantees the optical quality of the glasses but also limits the environmental impact related to the production of new frames.

Finally, Seecly commits to a circular economy by encouraging its customers to sell their old glasses on the platform, thus promoting a more environmentally friendly mode of consumption.

Every gesture counts, and together, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet. By joining the Seecly community, you actively participate in this responsible approach and become part of a movement that combines fashion, optics, and environmental protection. Let's not forget that responsibility is also a matter of style, and at Seecly, we are proud to combine these two aspects with elegance and commitment.


Seecly, the essential marketplace for buying and reselling second-hand glasses, is committed to offering you impeccable service and uncompromising professional expertise in the field of optics.

The "expert" aspect is one of the fundamental pillars of our brand, as we know that the quality of glasses and customer support are essential to ensure an optimal user experience. Our team of certified opticians plays a central role in our expertise approach.

Based in Aix-en-Provence, in the South of France, these seasoned professionals are responsible for carefully examining each pair passing through our workshop. They ensure refurbishment and rejuvenation to guarantee the optical quality and aesthetics of each frame before its sale on Seecly.

By using optical experts, we ensure that the second-hand glasses available on our platform meet quality and safety standards. Thus, you can buy and sell your glasses with confidence, while benefiting from a personalized experience and sound advice to help you find the ideal frame.

Beyond the expertise of our opticians, we strive to share with you our knowledge about trends, innovations, and good practices in optical care.

We thus aim to offer you a complete and enriching experience, which goes well beyond a simple commercial transaction. By choosing Seecly, you opt for a brand that combines fashion, responsibility, and expertise in the field of optics.