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A successful sale boils down to: a quick and simple listing, showcasing the frames effectively (the most beautiful treasures from your drawers)…

By following our step-by-step guide, you can quickly earn money by reselling your old glasses and directly receive the funds in your account. You can also use the funds from your sale available in your electronic wallet to purchase new prescription glasses, buy another pair of glasses in a different style, or even get spare glasses. 


Step #1: Take beautiful photos

  • Use a white background or a white sheet to make them stand out.
  • Take clear, well-lit photos of your glasses. The photos should show different parts of the glasses from various angles. Remember to include close-up shots to highlight details such as logos or frame embellishments.


Step #2: Provide details about your frames

  • In the title, indicate the brand and reference of the frame.
  • Accurately fill in the requested information, such as brand, model, color, condition, and material.
  • In the description of your listing, be honest about the condition of your glasses. Mention any imperfections and describe the unique features that make them special. If possible, indicate the size of the frame and how it corresponds to facial features. The more precise and comprehensive your listing is, the better chances you have of finding a buyer.


Step #3: Set the right price

Set a reasonable price considering the brand, age, and condition of the glasses.

To assist you, we've prepared a small pricing guide:

  • New condition: Never worn and has no defects.
  • Very good condition: Worn a few times but is in excellent condition, may have minor imperfections like discreet micro-scratches, clearly indicated and mentioned in your description.
  • Good condition: Worn multiple times, may show signs of wear, clearly indicated and mentioned in your description.

Our commissions are as follows:
From €16 to €99: a fixed commission of €15
More than €99: 15% of the price of the frame


Step #4: Be responsive

Once your listing is live, be responsive and courteous in your exchanges with potential buyers. Respond promptly to their questions and provide additional information if needed.

For more information, feel free to read our policy.

When you've made a sale, carefully package the glasses and ship them promptly to the Atelier to ensure buyer satisfaction. By following these tips, you'll increase your chances of selling your glasses quickly and at a good price on Seecly. You'll contribute to reducing CO² emissions and promoting a circular economy, all while making a profit from a pair of glasses that was unused at the bottom of a drawer.