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Welcome to the New Era of Vision

At Seecly and Krys, we have always been committed to providing our customers with the best visual experience possible. That's why we are proud to present our exclusive partnership, designed to revolutionize the way you see and take care of your glasses.


Why This Partnership?

Seecly, a pioneering player in second-hand optics, joins forces with Krys, the leader in optics in France, for an unprecedented partnership.

This collaboration illustrates a shared ambition to promote environmentally friendly practices in the world of optics.

Together, Seecly and Krys strive to offer innovative products and services that combine visual quality with environmental responsibility.

Confidence Suits You

Krys has nearly 60 years of professionalism and expertise and over 1,000 stores in France. It’s also a client relationship and convictions that have grown over time, making the Krys experience unique! 

Through various services, the opticians do everything possible to ensure that the Krys experience gives you full confidence in yourself. Thus, with a combined Seecly x Krys experience, you don't just leave with new glasses, you leave with self-confidence. The kind that makes you stand out and makes you remarkable. 

Krys, confidence suits you.

How It Works

Choose Your Frame Online
Explore the vast collection of stylish second-hand frames on and select the ones that match your style.
High-Quality Corrective Lenses
Enjoy high-quality lenses that meet your specific visual needs, thanks to the expertise of Krys.
Order Online
The online ordering process on is simple and convenient. It allows you to choose your frame without leaving your home and to customize your lenses for distance or near vision. Progressive lens orders are made in Krys stores.

Enjoy Additional In-Store Services (In France)
You can also choose delivery to a Krys store to benefit from professional frame adjustments and personalized advice.


Join the Vision Revolution Today!

We look forward to providing you with an unparalleled visual experience through this exceptional partnership between Seecly and Krys. Don't wait any longer to discover the comfort, clarity, and style that our combined products and services offer.