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Burberry - B4317
  • New

Sold by Shopping Promenade (Pro)


Sold by Les lunettes de Nat (Individual)

PERSOL - 2979S

Sold by Ma boîte à lunettes (Individual)

Nathalie Blanc - LAURA 248

Sold by Seecly (Pro)

Blanc - SURIMI 142

Sold by Seecly (Pro)

Blanc - SURIMI 196

Sold by Seecly (Pro)

Blanc - SURIMI SOL 271

Sold by Seecly (Pro)

Blanc - ADRIENNE 196

Sold by Seecly (Pro)

Nathalie Blanc - MYLENE 142

Sold by Seecly (Pro)

Nathalie Blanc - JEANNINE 639

Sold by Seecly (Pro)

Nathalie Blanc - JEANNINE 172

Sold by Seecly (Pro)

RAY-BAN - RB2140

Sold by La boutique de Véronique (Individual)

  • -€262.00
€120.00 €382.00

Sold by Aurélie (Individual)

TOM FORD - TF5639B 052
  • -€120.00
€120.00 €240.00

Sold by Mes lunettes de soleil (Individual)

TOM FORD - TF5673b 056
  • -€125.00
€125.00 €250.00

Sold by Mes lunettes de soleil (Individual)

John Dalia - Harrison C301
  • -€220.00
€470.00 €690.00

Sold by Wass (Individual)

RAY-BAN - RB4127
  • -€52.00
€78.00 €130.00

Sold by Mytopshop (Individual)

CHLOE - CL2222 C01

Sold by LUN OPTIC (Pro)

Ray-ban - rb3447
  • -€90.00
€65.00 €155.00

Sold by boutique (Individual)

RAY-BAN - rb4152

Sold by Chez Milie (Individual)

John Richmond - JR52201
  • -€150.00
€50.00 €200.00

Sold by Cabrières (Individual)

  • -€170.00
€130.00 €300.00

Sold by La boutique de Lena (Individual)

Tomford -FT0009
  • -€250.00
€100.00 €350.00

Sold by Jessie (Individual)

Dior - sideral1
  • -€177.00
€130.00 €307.00

Sold by SN95 (Individual)

Celine - cl400931

Sold by Diane Devisi (Individual)

Persol 2542-S
  • -€175.00
€95.00 €270.00

Sold by Regard (Individual)

Chloé - CE160S
  • -€220.00
€200.00 €420.00

Sold by Racksraquel (Individual)

Céline - CL401301 72T
  • -€160.00
€170.00 €330.00

Sold by Mimijolie (Individual)

  • -€160.00

Sold by L atelier du lunetier (Individual)

  • -€170.00
€45.00 €215.00

Sold by L atelier du lunetier (Individual)

With its selection of sunglasses from the "Favourites" category, our team is here to offer you a delightful mix of trend, originality, and fun. Prepare to discover these little gems that will elevate your summer look!

Our "Favourites" are carefully selected by the Seecly team based on look, quality, and price. From colourful frames to mirrored lenses right the way through to avant-garde shapes, you'll be spoilt for choice in finding the pair that suits you.

Among the must-haves of our pre-owned "Favourites" are tortoiseshell frame sunglasses, which add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. Their varied shapes and warm colours make them timeless models, perfect for enhancing your tan and adding a touch of glamour to your summer look.

But that’s not all the Seecly team has on its “Favourites” list… Geometric, panto frames, and lenses with original shapes are also popular. How about a pair of hexagonal sunglasses for a futuristic and trendy look? Or a model with round, oversize lenses to assert your personality and stand out from the crowd? The possibilities are endless!

Colour and fantasy lovers will not be left out with Seecly's favourite sunglasses. From two-tone frames to tinted lenses to models with bold patterns, you'll have something to pep up your look and brighten up your summer.

Finally, let's not forget that our team's favourite sunglasses are also designed to protect your eyes from UV rays. Thanks to their UV protection index, you can enjoy sunny days with peace of mind about the health of your eyes.

Seecly's favourite sunglasses promise a summer full of fashion, fun, and protection. Dive into our irresistible selection to find the pair that will make you the star of the summer!