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Buying or selling glasses on Seecly: we'll explain everything!

Give your glasses a second life or adopt new ones, it's very simple with Seecly. Learn more about the different steps to earn money and contribute to a circular eyewear economy.

Seecly reconditions all frames and can adapt them to your eyesight!

Create your account

On Seecly, you can create your own account and start buying and selling glasses.


Create your ad (France only)

You can sell one or more optical or solar frames in your dedicated space. Think about setting an attractive price and uploading quality photos to highlight your glasses.


Verification and online posting of the ad

Our team checks that your ad meets the expectations of our community. If everything is compliant then your frame is put online by our teams within 2 days and it is ready to find its future owner.

Buying glasses

The buyer chooses his frame and can also add corrective lenses if he has a prescription from his ophthalmologist that is still valid. Through a messaging system, he can also contact the seller and get additional information on the frame before validating his order.

[It is important to note that old corrective lenses are not part of the transaction and will be removed].


Seller confirmation

As a seller you must confirm the availability of the frame and ship it to the Workshop within a maximum of 4 working days using the prepaid shipping voucher. After this period the sale is then cancelled and the buyer will be automatically refunded via our secure payment provider.

Refurbishing and fitting of the frame if necessary

Our team of qualified opticians refurbishes the frame by following the different processes and proceeds with the assembly of new corrective lenses if requested at the time of purchase.

Receiving your pair of glasses

The buyer receives his order and confirms its good receipt. The frame can then start its new life.

Finalization of the sale

The sale is at this point finalized. The seller automatically receives the money in his Seecly electronic wallet. He can choose to recover his money by bank transfer or enjoy it by using it to buy new glasses on Seecly. All you have to do is declutter your home and start selling old glasses or shop your new pair now on Seecly.