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Women sunglasses

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TOM FORD - Penelope TF320
  • -€105.00
  • New
€240.00 €345.00

Sold by Prisci (Individual)

Céline - CL40194U 53A
  • -€100.00
  • New
€300.00 €400.00

Sold by Youdelens M (Individual)

DIOR - Montaigne n 18S
  • -€130.00
  • New
€60.00 €190.00

Sold by VENTE LUNETTES (Individual)

Alain Afflelou - GUILIANA

Sold by Val à ma vue (Individual)

Ray-Ban - RB2447 1160
  • -€48.00
€92.00 €140.00

Sold by Sun'glAxsses (Individual)

Alain Afflelou - SAF4869

Sold by - (Individual)

Anne & Valentin - Schneider
  • -€190.00
€130.00 €320.00

Sold by Sun Vintage (Individual)

Anne & Valentin - Sofia
  • -€190.00
€130.00 €320.00

Sold by Sun Vintage (Individual)

  • -€130.00
€120.00 €250.00

Sold by Ma boutique (Individual)

GUCCI - GG3615/S
  • -€85.00
€55.00 €140.00

Sold by La boutique d’AixEnPce (Individual)

BULGARI - 8126
  • -€360.00
€140.00 €500.00

Sold by jim (Individual)

Dior - B0B0
  • -€157.00
€450.00 €607.00

Sold by Youdelens M (Individual)

BULGARI - 8114
  • -€240.00
€150.00 €390.00

Sold by jim (Individual)

Vogue - Vo2994 SB W656/T5

Sold by La petite boutique de claire (Individual)

Cartier - 4108747
  • -€400.00
€230.00 €630.00

Sold by jim (Individual)

Emmanuel Khanh
  • -€165.00
€250.00 €415.00

Sold by Haly (Individual)

  • -€95.00
€70.00 €165.00

Sold by Mes lunettes (Individual)

  • -€86.00
€70.00 €156.00

Sold by Mes lunettes (Individual)

Mauboussin - Maus2520 02

Sold by Ma superbe boutique (Individual)

Ray-ban - RB4313
  • -€90.00
€30.00 €120.00

Sold by Voir avec styl' (Individual)

ESPRIT - ET17673

Sold by Boutique (Individual)

Polaroïd - P8419A

Sold by Boutique (Individual)


Sold by Boutique (Individual)

Prada - SPR 08L

Sold by Boutique (Individual)

RAY-BAN - RB4101 Jackie

Sold by Boutique (Individual)

RAY-BAN - RB3311

Sold by Boutique (Individual)


Sold by Belles lunettes (Individual)


Sold by Belles lunettes (Individual)

Chloe - CH0133SA - 001- FRANKY
  • -€91.00
€259.00 €350.00

Sold by DS Optique (Individual)

TOD'S - TO216
  • -€200.00
€100.00 €300.00

Sold by Eyes (Individual)

Discover on Seecly an irresistible selection of pre-owned women's sunglasses, offering both optimal sun protection and unmatched style. Our brand catalog, perfect for those in search of quality and trend, is the go-to destination to update your look with brand accessories at affordable prices.

Quality is paramount at Seecly. That is why all our second-hand women's sunglasses undergo a rigorous check in our workshop and refurbishing, ensuring impeccable condition and superior UV protection. By choosing our sunglasses, you confidently protect your eyes while enhancing your personal style, without compromising on visual health or budget.

Be tempted by our range of cheap women's sunglasses, from glamorous oversize frames to vintage cat-eye designs, and futuristic looks. Each pair reflects the latest trend, ensuring you will find the perfect style to illuminate your face.

For those wishing to renew their collection, Seecly also offers an easy platform to sell your women's sunglasses. It is a unique opportunity to earn money while giving your favorite glasses a new life.

Whether you want to enrich your collection with branded women's sunglasses or sell your unused models, Seecly is your ally. Dive into our selection and discover the treasure that will perfectly complete your wardrobe. Explore our catalog for varied styles like trendy women's sunglasses, vintage, cat-eye, aviator, round, elegant, retro style, fashion, sport, oversize, and glamour.

For a personalized shopping experience, check out our guides on How to choose my frame? and How to choose my lens pack?. And don't forget to take a look at our collection of Women's Prescription Glasses and Men's Sunglasses to discover even more affordable and trendy options.

Discover your next pair of brand-name sunglasses now and step into the sunlight with style and confidence.

The importance of UV protection cannot be underestimated, especially in a world where exposure to the sun is daily. Our sunglasses not only provide top-tier UV protection but also add a touch of elegance to your everyday life. With Seecly, you have the assurance that each pair meets solar protection standards while being at the forefront of fashion.

Furthermore, understanding the environmental impact of conscious consumption is crucial. By choosing refurbished sunglasses, you are participating in a circular economy, thus reducing waste and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. It is a choice that reflects not only your style but also your commitment to the planet.

So, whether you are looking for a specific style or simply wish to browse through our diverse selection, Seecly is here to meet all your sunglasses needs. With our commitment to quality, durability, and style, every pair of sunglasses is a promise of satisfaction.

Make Seecly your premier destination for second-hand women's sunglasses. Start shopping now and let us help you find the perfect pair that complements not only your sight but also your worldview.