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"We are revolutionizing the world of optics"

We are revolutionizing the world of optics by giving a second life to your glasses. By choosing Shamir, a subsidiary of the Essilor Group, as our lens manufacturer, we guarantee you access to the best value for your new optical equipment.

Understanding your visual needs

Understanding your visual needs is the first step to optimizing your vision. Whether you need single vision lenses to correct myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, we guide your choice based on your specific needs, for personalized and uncompromising vision.

Advanced glass technologies by our lens manufacturer Shamir

Shamir, our lens supplier, is a subsidiary of the Essilor Group. With an international reputation, this subsidiary stands out for its innovative expertise in the field of optics. Valuing French know-how and promoting uncompromising vision is Shamir's commitment. With them, we are proud to offer you the best in optics!

Our lens treatments

Lens treatments are essential. They improve your visual comfort, enhance your perception, and reduce eye fatigue. Your vision becomes clearer, sharper, and more comfortable. Experience the best in optics at Seecly with our high-end lens treatments.

Anti-reflective lenses

Reflections can be a major nuisance, especially when driving at night or working indoors. Our anti-reflective lenses are treated with a special coating that increases the transparency of your lenses, thereby improving the quality of your vision and visual comfort for everyday life.

  • Image 1Visual comfort
  • Image 2Enhanced aesthetics

Stefania's advice: "Anti-reflective coating is a must for everyday wear. Plus, your eyes will be more visible in photos ;)"

Blue light-blocking lenses

Natural blue light is beneficial when it comes from the sun. However, it can be harmful when emitted from screens and damage the retina. Prolonged exposure of more than 4 hours to blue light can cause headaches, eye fatigue, and blurred vision.

Image 1Our blue light-blocking lenses are specially designed to filter out this harmful blue light emitted by screens, increasing the prevention of vision problems.

  • Image 2Visual rest
  • Image 1Improved sleep
  • Image 2Enhanced concentration and productivity
  • Image 2Migraine prevention

Stefania's advice: "Blue light-blocking lenses are essential for screen time, but the residual blue reflection is less recommended for photographers or graphic designers."

Sun lenses

Our range of category/index 3 sun lenses filter out 100% of harmful UV rays and protect you from the sun in all circumstances. These sun lenses are available in three shades: brown, gray, and green.

Image 1By protecting your eyes from the sun, you also prevent the risks of macular degeneration and early cataracts.

Essential for:

  • Image 1Beach
  • Image 2City
  • Image 1Visual comfort

Stefania's advice: "A stylish pair of sunglasses that provides both looks and protection. But when they're not on your nose, don't just throw them in your bag ;)"

Polarized lenses

Our polarized lenses eliminate the rays that cause eye glare. This treatment is ideal for year-round outdoor activities and significantly enhances comfort for more contrasted color vision. These lenses are available in gray, brown, and green.

Perfect for:

  • Image 1Driving
  • Image 2Outdoor activities
  • Image 1Water sports
  • Image 2Skiing

Stefania's advice: "Polarized lenses ensure optimal vision. Once you've experienced them, it's hard to go back ;)"


Our thinning lenses with a 1.6 index in organic material are perfect for corrections ranging from +/- 2.00 to +/- 4.00. Thinning allows for a thinner and lighter lens for better comfort. It provides a thickness reduction of -20% compared to a standard 1.5 index lens.

Thinning lenses are:

  • Image 1More aesthetic: Perfect for all frames
  • Image 2Lighter: Optimal comfort
  • Image 1More resistant: Ideal for daily use

Stefania's advice: "The thinner your lenses, the more you'll enjoy wearing your glasses :)"