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The Quality of a French Glassmaker

KRYS* is a staunch defender of Made in France and was the first glassmaker to receive the Origine France Garantie certification in 2012. KRYS GROUP equips more than one in ten eyeglass wearers in France. As a manufacturer and distributor, Krys continually innovates its designs and adapts them based on wearer satisfaction feedback.


*The Krys brand of KRYS GROUP Services through its subsidiary CODIR, located in Bazainville, Yvelines, manufactures its lenses.

Understanding Your Visual Needs

We offer the fitting of new corrective lenses directly onto the chosen frames or even onto your own frames with single vision lenses for either distance or near vision.

You will receive your new frame with your specific correction already installed.

Progressive lenses can also be advised and ordered directly in one of our 1000 Krys partner stores (In France)

In this section, we explain everything and guide you in your choice of lens package based on your specific needs, for personalized and uncompromised vision.

The online lens packages are only for single vision lenses for distance or near vision.

To order, simply select the pair you like, click on "Frame with correction" and choose your pack according to the indications below: 

Our Prescription Lens Packages

Simple Vision Package

Eco-Chic: 49€

Your pair of lenses treated Hardened & Anti-reflective

Reflections can cause significant annoyance, especially when driving at night or working indoors. Our anti-reflective lenses are treated with a special layer that increases the transparency of your lenses, thus enhancing the quality of your vision and your visual comfort for everyday life.

  • Visual ComfortVisual Comfort
  • AestheticsAesthetics

Stefania's advice: "The anti-reflective coating is a must-have for daily comfort. Plus, it ensures your eyes are more visible in photos, which is nice ;)"

Simple Vision Package

Eco-Luxe: 79€

Your pair of lenses treated Hardened, Anti-reflective & Blue Light Filter

Natural blue light is beneficial when it comes from the sun. However, it can be harmful when it comes from screens and damage the retina. Prolonged exposure to blue light can cause headaches, eye fatigue, and blurred vision.

Health and SafetyOur Blue Light Filtering lenses are specially designed to filter out harmful blue light emitted by screens, thus helping to prevent eye strain.

  • Visual RestVisual Rest
  • Sleep ImprovementImproved Sleep
  • Concentration and ProductivityConcentration and Productivity
  • Screen Migraine PreventionPrevention of Screen-induced Migraines

Stefania's advice: "We're spending more and more time in front of our computers and phones. From 4 hours a day in front of screens, the blue light filter is highly recommended."

Simple Vision Package

Eco-Prestige: 109€

Your pair of lenses treated Hardened, Anti-reflective, Blue Light Filter, and Thinned

Having the same features as the Eco-Luxe package with the addition of blue light filtering, this package is strongly recommended for prescriptions starting from +/- 2.00. The thinning process results in more aesthetically pleasing and lighter lenses for better wearing comfort. It provides a thickness reduction of -20% compared to standard lenses.

  • Visual RestVisual Rest
  • Optimal ComfortOptimal Comfort
  • Enhanced Shock ResistanceEnhanced Shock Resistance

Stefania's advice: "Thinning is important because the thinner your lenses, the longer you can wear your glasses without feeling them, ensuring you stay protected :)"

Our Progressive Lenses Packages

Progressive Lenses Package Starting at 150€

Pair of lenses treated for anti-reflective properties.

These complex and technical lenses that integrate multiple vision zones are often prescribed from the age of 43 to correct presbyopia. They can be selected on our site but will be ordered directly in one of our Krys partner stores, where an optician will make the best proposal based on your visual needs.

Our Solar Lens Packages

Simple Vision Solar Package

Eco-Chic: 39€

Your pair of Category 3 tinted lenses treated Anti-UV

Our Category 3 solar lenses filter 100% of harmful UV rays and will protect you from the sun in all circumstances.

By protecting your eyes from the sun, you also prevent the risks of macular degeneration and early cataracts.

  • BeachBeach
  • CityCity
  • Visual ComfortVisual Comfort

Stefania's advice: "A stylish pair of sunglasses ensures both look and protection. But when it's not on your nose, don't just throw it in your bag :)"

Simple Vision Solar Package

Eco-Luxe: 89€

Your pair of tinted lenses treated Anti-UV, Hardened & Polarizing

Our polarizing lenses eliminate glare, making them ideal for year-round outdoor activities and significantly improving comfort for a more vibrant color vision.

  • DrivingDriving
  • Outdoor ActivitiesOutdoor Activities
  • Water SportsWater Sports
  • SkiingSkiing

Stefania's advice: "Polarized lenses provide optimal vision. It's rare for those who've tried them to ever go back to non-polarized lenses ;)"

Simple Vision Solar Package

Eco-Prestige: 149€

Your pair of tinted lenses treated Anti-UV, Hardened, Polarizing & Thinned

With the same features as the Eco-Luxe package plus polarization, this package is highly recommended for prescriptions from +/- 2.00. Thinning results in finer and lighter lenses for improved wearing comfort. It offers a -20% reduction in thickness compared to standard lenses.

  • DrivingDriving
  • Outdoor ActivitiesAll outdoor activities
  • Enhanced Shock ResistanceEnhanced shock resistance

Stefania's advice: "Thinning is crucial as thinner lenses mean you can wear your sunglasses for longer periods outdoors without feeling them, ensuring you stay protected :)"

Progressive lenses require specific centering that can only be done in-store to ensure optimal results. That is  why you can buy a frame on and purchase progressive lenses in an optical store near you.

Our supplier of ophthalmic lenses is CODIR. CODIR, a subsidiary of Krys-Group, equips more than one in ten eyeglass wearers in France. Located in Bazainville, Yvelines, CODIR is a strong advocate of Made in France and was the first lens manufacturer to obtain the Origine France Garantie certification in 2012. As a manufacturer and distributor, they continuously innovate their designs and can adapt them based on wearer satisfaction feedback.

When you place your order, you are purchasing only the seller's frame; the seller's lenses are not part of the transaction. That is why at Seecly, we offer corrective lenses tailored to each need starting from 49 euros per pair of lenses.