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To create your listing, it's very simple. Just create an account on Seecly and click on the "Sell My Glasses" tab to publish your listing.

As a seller, you commit to:
Not sell counterfeits, imitations, or items in very poor condition.
Provide a complete and transparent description of your item to avoid any returns due to non-compliance.
Be responsive in shipping your eyewear within the shortest possible time frame.

You can add your banking information in the "My Account" section > "My Bank Accounts" and click on "Add a Bank Account".

Sell My Glasses

Click on "Sell" and let yourself be guided by our simple and easy-to-use glasses listing form.
Listing is free of charge.

Each pair is validated by our team before being listed. If it hasn't been validated, it's for one of the following reasons:
- Non-compliant photos
- The price is too high
- Your frame does not meet our guidelines

We have written a dedicated article on the subject for you ;)

To modify a listed frame for sale, click on My Account > My Sales, then select the pair you wish to modify.
The sales form will then open, allowing you to modify the characteristics of your frame: photos, description, price.

We accept all eyewear brands except for fast fashion brands such as Zara, H&M, Shein, etc.

Our commissions are as follows:
From €16 to €99: a fixed commission of €15
€99 and above: 15% of the frame's price

The timeframe is variable. An interested buyer needs to be found for your frame. Attractive pricing and beautiful photos always accelerate the sale.
Discover how to sell well on Seecly.

No, Seecly is a platform that connects sellers and buyers, so we do not buy frames.

In order to ensure the security of our customers, we make sure that there are real people behind each profile. Additionally, it is a requirement of our secure payment platform to proceed with the payment.

These categories are at the discretion of our team, who reviews all listings to ensure their quality. But don't worry, if you offer a nice frame at an attractive price, we're sure they will catch our eye.

Check similar articles on Seecly before submitting your listing for validation. You can also search for the price of a new frame, if it is still being sold. To help you, we have prepared a little price-setting guide.

If your frame is not selling, it is probably due to one of the following reasons:
- Your frame is priced too high
- Your photos are unclear or of poor quality, and buyers are not clicking on them

If you want tips on how to list frames that sell, follow this link to a comprehensive article on the subject.

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email for the sale to ensure that you still have the frame in your possession. If you don't respond within 72 hours or if you have selected "no," the sale will be canceled.

Once the order is placed, the seller has 72 hours to indicate through their personal account whether the item is still available or not. After this period, the sale will be automatically canceled.


Once the availability of your frame is confirmed, you have 3 days to ship the package and provide the corresponding tracking number.

Shipping of frames is done through Colissimo, so you need to find the nearest Colissimo drop-off point to your location.

Delivery is made with Colissimo.

We will send you a prepaid shipping label, which you must then print and attach to your package before dropping it off at a designated carrier drop-off point.

By providing you with a prepaid label, no additional insurance is added, but in case of loss or theft of the package, a flat-rate refund of €25 offered by Mondial Relay is possible.

The shipping costs are covered by us, but in case of non-compliant frames or counterfeits, the sale will be canceled. If you wish to retrieve the package, the return costs will be at your expense.

You can check the "vacation" box to not sell your frames during your absence.

However, if you have forgotten and it will not be possible for you to ship the package within the requested deadline:
The best course of action is to first contact your buyer via the messaging system provided for this purpose to inform them of this delay. The sale will be automatically canceled after the deadline has passed, and the buyer will be able to place a new order.

You have shipped your item using a label we provided.
The tracking number may take several hours, depending on the carrier, to be updated.
If it has not been updated yet, please check the tracking number on the shipping label and follow the progress through the carrier's interface.


After selling your frame, the money will be automatically available on your Seecly wallet 72 hours after the buyer receives the item.
The amount can be released faster if your buyer confirms the receipt and conformity of the frame, so feel free to send them a message.
In order to make a transfer to your bank account, you need to validate your account by adding your bank account number (RIB) and your identification document.

To add your bank account number (RIB), simply go to your My Account section > My Bank Accounts and click on "add a bank account".

After your sale, we need a valid identification document from an adult in order to release your payment.
To do this, go to your My Account section > My Legal Documents. You can use a scanned passport or